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very impatient when waiting for nails to dry and always seem to catch them, so wanted to try a spray which makes the dry quicker this one is from Poundworld and claims to dry nails in sixty seconds. More »

Rainbow NOTD

it took me a while to with all the different colours, it\\\\\\\'s a little messy as I was just using my dotting tool, I need to get some brushes asap More »


New York Fashion Week finds a new home

The twice-annual event, New York Fashion week, is moving after 17 years at Bryant Park!

In recent years Fashion Week has outgrown the capacity of its current location.
When it began, back in 1993, only about 35 designers showed their lines, now, we see up to 70 designer per season!

So come September 2010 the tents, shows and glam will all be at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park, where designers will have an extra 17,000 square feet to show their collections.


Tips on How To Choose Fashion Jewelry for Teens

 Same as adults, teens can have as much thanks for jewelry, but they could have several non-traditional choices. By having an improved  and shows featuring jewelry, teens in many cases are observed looking for new pieces of ornaments. With an occasion, greenback signal pendants as well as studded earrings are a rage between the teens as a way to mimic your hip hop stars. At wholesale prices jewelry is truly the greatest option pertaining to teens to get an easily affordable product selection.

Very a few jewelry makers are determined to adopt good thing about the profitable games for example ‘guitar hero’ by making acoustic guitar formed pendants. A number of the additional sought after pieces of fashion from suppliers jewelry incorporate studded hearts, tranquility indicators and kinds of chains. There is always a concern involving durability in terms of picking jewelry items with regard to teens, since they will be recognized to mishandle their property. Consequently, you should check out for better quality products.

remove paint

Remove Paint Stains from Your Ed Hardy Belts

It is possible that while you have been painting wearing your Ed Hardy belts that you have found paint stains all over it. While leather is extremely durable, it is very expensive and you will definitely not want to buy another belt. While common sense would have told you to not wear the belt while you were painting, sometimes you will do the complete opposite.

So the question is how to get the paint stains from your Ed Hardy belts without ruining them. If you can catch the paint before it dries then you will make it a lot easier to remove. However, that does not mean that removing dried paint is impossible; you just have to be prepared to spend a lot of time doing it to ensure that you do not ruin the material completely.

There are two different methods that can remove the paint from your belt. You should try one at a time and wait to see if each method has been successful. You may find it difficult but it will definitely be worth it rather than needing to fork out a lot of money for another belt with the Ed Hardy design; after all, they are not the cheapest items on the market.

The Top Watches for Men

Watches evolved from spring-powered clocks in the 17th century. The first invented watches are strictly mechanical, however, as time passes by, the mechanical type of watch was replaced by quartz vibration mechanisms or electromagnetic pulses or the so called, quartz movements. In 1970, the first digital watch was developed. Pocket watches are the most used watches before wristwatches.

Pocket watches had covers and it was carried in a pocket and attached to watch fob or watch chain. In the early 1900s, wristwatches are originally called Wristlet and were mostly used for women. During World War I, soldiers in the battlefield realized that the use of packet watch is impractical then they started to attach the pocket watch to their wrist using a cupped leather strap.

The top watches for men are Nixon watches, guess watches, Tommy Hilfiger watches, titan watches, Gucci watches and Bvlgari watches. These watches are pricy yet it posses high quality and beauty.

Nixon Watches For Men

Nixon is an accessories company that was founded in 1997 by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna in Encinitas, California. Nixon began with a small line with a team designed watches that focused on distribution specialty on surf, skate, snow and fashion stores. Nixon watches has timepieces ranging from conservative to extreme and anything that goes in between. The company manufactures watches with style, class and personality.

Guess Watches for Men

Guess is a luxury American clothing line that caters fashion accessories, watches, perfumes, jewelries and fashion clothing. Guess collection or GC watches was launched in 1994. The first Swiss-made watches collection made the brand achieve a fine connection between fashionable and fine timepieces. Guess watches for men is made of luxury quality material and the brand has made up a perfect formula to inspire each men to have nothing but most glamorous and the best fashion trends ever. Men who aim to have elegant, modern and timeless watches must purchase men’s Guess watches.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Men

Thomas Jacob “Tommy” Hilfiger was born on March 24, 1951. He is an American fashion designer and the founder of Tommy Hilfiger brand. There are five Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Watches that made a cut in the fashion industry. Top 5 watches include: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Multi-Function Leather Strap Watch, Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Automatic Brown Leather Strap Watch, Tommy Hilfiger Dylan Black Silicone Men’s Watch with Red Stitching, Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sport Silver-Tone Watch, and Tommy Hilfiger Windsurf Orange Silicone Strap Men’s Watch.

Gucci Watches for Men

Gucci is an Italian fashion and leather goods label that was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Gucci was owned by French Company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute. Men’s Guess watches are very elegant and trendy. In 1997, the company first manufactures its own timepieces. The company acquired the Severin Montres Group, it is the largest distributor of luxury brand industry. Gucci watches for men are a combination of elegance, style and sophistication. High-end technology was applied in manufacturing these timepieces that enables it to achieve a quite charm.